Thank you for taking on this important job. The resources provided below give you anytime access to materials developed over the years to bring consistency to our productions and to answer frequently asked questions.

Where to search for plays written for virtual production:

Dramatists Play Service

Playscripts – originals and adaptations for online performance

Playscripts – full length plays for online performance

Project Y – plays written for Zoom

Pioneer Drama – royalty-free comedy skits written for virtual performance

TheatreFolk – plays for online performance

Radio Plays

Dramatic Publishing


Simply Scripts

Here’s the Pentacle Theatre library.

Here is (nearly) everything (non artistic) that a director and team will need during the process of producing a Pentacle Theatre show.

Pentacle Theatre’s guidance

2020 Policy Acknowledgement Form

Audition information, photo-release and parent/guardian acknowledgment, must be returned to the office for every person cast in a Pentacle Theatre production. For minors, directors must ensure that a parent or guardian signs this release for any minor cast in a Pentacle Theatre production. The business office will provide copies of this form, Casting Best Practices, Minors at Pentacle Theatre in the audition packet, along with scripts, deposits, name tags and pens.

Accident & incident Report Form 2.20.19 to be completed in the event of an accident or near miss at the theater: falls, trips, bumps on the head, electrical shock, etc. anywhere on the theater grounds.

Bio Form (Google form) to be completed by the production team and members of the cast for the program.

BoardLiaison-CheatSheet 8.30.19 rev, what to expect from your board liaison.

Casting Best Practices, developed in 2017 to address community questions about casting at Pentacle Theatre.

Directors Handbook (2020) 2.06.2020, includes administrative guidance, key contacts, preshow announcement guidelines, safety guidance and ticketing policies. In development: Draft Technical Director Timeline 3.15.19, which identifies key milestones for set design and build and other technical elements of a production.

Facilities concerns reporting form, posted in the green room to let facilities maintenance coordinator know of issues with the building and grounds.

Minors at Pentacle, guidelines for success in Pentacle Theatre productions when shows include minors. For minors, their parents and directors. Cast party Permission Slip.

Sexual harassment statement, expresses the board’s lack of tolerance for sexual harassment and encourages the reporting of incidents of alleged harassment.

Reimbursement request, submit receipts for costumes, props and other supplies using this excel spreadsheet. PLEASE SUBMIT IN EXCEL.

Stipend Agreement, must be completed for every person receiving a stipend and returned to the office.

Thank you for protecting our investment in our sound equipment, poster to hang to advise musical casts of the costs of sound equipment.

Workplace Harassment identifies unacceptable behaviors and addresses what to do in cases of bullying or other problem behaviors at Pentacle Theatre.


Other key Pentacle Theatre policies

Cancellation of a Performance Policy

Drug and Alcohol Policy 6.22.15

Loaning Props Furniture Equip

Qualifications of a Director Policy Final 10.23.17

Season Selection Policy 10.23.17 clean

Theatre key policy 11.23.15

Guidance from the American Association of Community Theatres

Laws govern many aspects of producing a play. Please review these requirements to avoid any missteps.


Photocopying dos and don’ts from AACT

Videotaping dos and donts from AACT

Pentacle Theatre’s Script Library

Available to check out from the Pentacle Theatre Office with a refundable deposit. We have not confirmed that every script is in the theater’s physical custody.

Download the script library here

Teamwork Projects video introduction

Pentacle Theatre’s office and technical director use Teamwork Projects to manage workflows, keep information in one place and communicate with all team members. There are two ways to use the tool, online and with an app.