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Pentacle Theatre is committed to providing opportunities for our community to learn and grow their theater skills. Take advantage of our low-cost access to professional education.

Jo Dodge 2024 Summer Acting Workshop

Begins Saturday, June 8, 2024

Join skilled director and actress Jo Dodge in a fun, hands-on 11-week theater workshop exploring the human spirit. Students participate in improvisation and scene work in a safe, supportive and non-competitive environment. The focus is on individual self-development. This workshop is for all skill levels, from beginners to the most experienced. You must be 18 yrs. of age to attend these classes. The course runs every Saturday for 11 weeks from 9 a.m. to Noon. Summer Session begins Saturday, June 8, 2024. Find greater confidence in yourself on and off the stage!

The following are excerpts from Pentacle’s July 26, 2022 Newsletter

Jo created the Acting Workshop in 1981.  She has trained and inspired, by conservative estimate, over 2,000 students. Her impact there has been profound, enhancing the lives of her individual students and growing the theater’s cadre of actors and directors. The number of shows, students and contributions tell only a small part of the story.

Jo’s most important gift lies in the intangibles.  She helps us expand our sense of our collective humanity and the variety of the human condition. She does this by producing moving theater. She directs with insight and clarity, finding the subtext and human truth for each character on stage, which she also teaches in this Acting Workshop.

Jo insists that her students collaborate not compete.  She makes the class a place of trust and growth.  She helps her students act by finding the truth not relying on the gimmick and in so doing they discover truths about themselves.  She insists they learn the script word for word, without paraphrasing.  Most importantly she helps her students learn that most fundamental aspect of human connection, to trust and support each other.

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The Director’s Forum Presents – Blocking for the Thrust Stage

2 pm Saturday, April 20 – directly following the Director’s Forum at 1 pm

On stage at Pentacle Theatre

324 52nd Ave NE, Salem OR 97304

Veteran Pentacle directors Katie Lindbeck and Jenni Bertels will explore blocking for the thrust stage. Covering function and history as well as how movement establishes character relationships, focus and stage pictures, scene changes, and dynamics of confrontation will be the focus areas.

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Pentacle’s Costume Room Rummage Sale

10 a.m. – 4 p.m. Saturday, April 26 & 27

Pentacle Theatre

324 52nd Ave NE, Salem OR 97304

Pentacle’s costume vault needs more room! We’ve been gleaning costumes from more than three decades of past productions and those treasures are now ready for you to enjoy.


Come find your next Treasure(s) — you will not go home empty-handed!