Spiral: The Musical

July 1 – July 21

Writing, Composition, & Lyrics:
Catherine Kinsman – Spiral 2024 Composer, Lyricist and Book Writer
Brenda Lee Eager – Composer and Lyricist
Ben Dowling – Composer and Lyricist
Kenneth Petersen – Contributing Writer & Video Producer

Directed by Catherine Kinsman and Robert Salberg
Joined by Vocal Director Jeff Witt and Musical Director Jon Stuber
Production & Projection Design by Liz Rogers

The Story: Spiral the musical illuminates a new kind of hope and quantum spiritual worldview that is undeniably emerging on the planet through the current haze of environmental destruction and human suffering. Everything can change if enough people embrace a unified worldview, and we believe that the music and story of Spiral has a role to play. It’s a story full of heart and passion – a journey into the magnificence of the natural world, ancient wisdom, quantum science and human potential.

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July 1 @ 17:50 — July 21 @ 22:00
17:50 — 22:00 (484h 10′)

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