Footloose the Musical

October 11 – November 2

Stage Adaptation by Dean Pitchford & Walter Bobbie
Based on the Original Screenplay by Dean Pitchford
Music by Tom Snow
Lyrics by Dean Pitchford

Directed by Geri Greeno

Footloose follows the journey of Ren McCormack, a young adolescent hailing from Chicago. In the aftermath of his father’s departure, Ren and his mother relocate to the modest town of Bomont. However, Ren quickly discovers himself grappling with the community, particularly the Reverend Bomont. Astonishingly, the Reverend has successfully convinced the town to prohibit any form of dancing, a policy Ren deems unfathomable. Collaborating with Ariel, the Reverend’s daughter, and Willard, a rural companion who becomes his closest confidant, Ren endeavors to persuade the Reverend to allow the youths to engage in dancing. As a result of Ren’s efforts, the town undergoes a tremendous healing process, mending from a tragedy that had deeply impacted all its residents.

October 11 @ 00:00 — November 2 @ 23:55
00:00 — 23:55 (551h 55′)