What: Open auditions for Terra Nova, the award-winning drama about the ill-fated Scott expedition in a race to be the first to reach the south pole. Written by Ted Tally. Directed by Scott Ramp.

When: 1 p.m., Saturday, Saturday, April 30

 Where: Pentacle Theatre, 324 52nd Ave. NW—located off Highway 22, about 6 miles west of downtown Salem, Oregon.

Casting: Actors able to play six roles. For a full list of roles, genders and ages, please scroll down.

This production is sponsored by Rich Ford, Windermere Real Estate.

Things to know:

  • Lobby doors open at 12:30 p.m. and open auditions for all roles begin promptly at 1 p.m.
  • Plan to arrive early to fill out an audition form. We encourage you to download the form at org/auditions and complete it in advance. Please write clearly, especially your contact information. Headshots and resumes are not required, but always appreciated.
  • Bring your calendar and provide a complete list of your conflicts through July 30. If you have a conflict on the audition date, please contact the director, below.
  • Actors will audition by reading selected scenes from the script.
  • Pentacle Theatre affirms, promotes and celebrates the participation of all, without regard to race, color, sex, disability, affectional or sexual orientation, gender identity, ethnicity, national origin, age, religion or socioeconomic status.

COVID-19 protocols (subject to change):

During auditions and rehearsals: For your health and safety, everyone attending auditions and rehearsals must provide proof of vaccination, OR a negative COVID test result from a pharmacy or clinic taken no more than 48 hours before the audition time. Masks are welcomed and recommended at Pentacle Theatre. 

During performances: All audience members, volunteers and staff must provide proof of vaccination, including a booster if you are eligible, OR a negative a negative COVID test result from a pharmacy or clinic taken no more than 48 hours before the performance time. Masks are welcomed and recommended at Pentacle Theatre. Cast members will appear without masks when performing onstage and will be tested weekly for COVID-19. Audience seating may be limited to meet current social distancing rules and guidelines.

Callbacks: TBA if needed.

Rehearsals: Generally, 6:30 p.m. to 9:30 p.m., Mondays through Thursdays, beginning May 2 at Pentacle Theatre, off Highway 22 about 6 miles west of downtown Salem. The director will set weekend rehearsals and work sessions as needed.

Rehearsals will be scheduled to make the best use of everyone’s time, especially for actors in school. Only actors needed for scheduled scenes will be required at rehearsals and we’ll release actors as early as possible. As we get farther into rehearsals, we’ll need everyone there so we can run the whole show. If you have questions or concerns about rehearsals, please contact the director, below.

Show dates:

Friday, July 8 – Saturday, July 30.

Cast members may be required to make special appearances for marketing purposes in the weeks before the show opens.


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The story:

  • In the winter of 1911-1912, five Englishmen and five Norwegians raced each other to the bottom of the Earth. Only the Norwegians returned. This is the story of the Englishmen.
  • Terra Nova is a fascinating and hauntingly beautiful play about the ill-fated British Antarctic Expedition, led by Capt. Robert Falcon Scott. Written by Ted Tally, Academy Award winning screenwriter for “Silence of the Lambs,” Terra Nova is based on historical facts and the diaries, notes and film found with the bodies of the final three members of the Scott Expedition. Tally deftly weaves together the struggles of the five British men on their harrowing journey to the South Pole, together with Capt. Scott’s imaginary interactions with his vibrant wife, Kathleen, and the enigmatic man who raced him to the pole, Norwegian Roald Amundsen. The stark beauty of the Antarctic setting combined with poetic writing and the gritty drama of the true story makes Terra Nova a compelling and moving evening of theatre.
  • For more information about this true story, search online for “Terra Nova Expedition.” Wikipedia has an excellent site about the British Antarctic Expedition.

Casting call: Actors able to play the following roles:

  • Robert Falcon Scott (age 35+) — Strong, determined leader of the British expedition. Hides his insecurities and doubts, fears irrelevance. A demanding leading role. British dialect.
  • Roald Amundsen (age 35+) — Confident, imposing and eloquent leader of the successful Norwegian Expedition. Appears only to Scott as both his nemesis and his confessor. Subtle Norwegian/Scandinavian dialect.
  • Kathleen Bruce Scott (age 30+) — Scott’s wife and the one person who sees through his façade. Powerful, passionate and dynamic. British dialect.
  • Lawrence “Titus” Oates (age 25+) — Disciplined cavalry officer. Strong, reliable, self-sacrificing. British dialect.
  • Edward Wilson (age 35+) — Calming, artistic (drawing skills a plus) and passionate, he is Scott’s best friend and the glue that holds the group together. British dialect.
  • Henry “Birdie” Bowers (age 25+)— The youngest of the group but also the one with a sense of humor and joy. Always ready with a joke and sees the best in people. British dialect.
  • Petty Officer Edgar “Taff” Evans (age 30+) — Quiet, pensive and hiding a terrible secret. Physically a bigger man, but the first to fall. Powerful onstage death scene. British/Welsh dialect.

Director’s note:

Terra Nova has been a passion of mine since I appeared in one of the earliest productions in 1983. I have since met several other actors who have done professional productions and all of us share this passion. I directed a production of Terra Nova in Los Angeles in 2012 and am very excited to take this journey again at Pentacle Theatre.  I have lovingly recreated many historically accurate props and costume pieces for the ultimate theatrical experience. Please join me on this fascinating journey.

Suitability: Terra Nova is suitable for ages 13+.

Information: If you have questions or a conflict on the audition date, please contact director Scott Ramp at 626-233-2667 or scottramp@gmail.com.


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