Pentacle Theatre values the health and safety of our patrons. The Governing Board has adopted these guidelines for patrons. Violation of our policies may result in you needing to leave the auditorium.

Mask requirement

To attend a Pentacle Theatre production, you must wear a mask at all times in the auditorium, except to take a brief sip of water. This means the mask covers both your mouth and nose. Masks must have three layers, for example a surgical mask or KN95 mask. No gaiters, mesh masks or bandanas.

Vaccine or negative test

Patrons have two options:

You can provide proof of vaccination at the door. This proof should show that you are “fully” vaccinated, including a booster if you are eligible.


You can provide evidence of a negative COVID test result from a pharmacy or clinic. The test must be within 48 hours of the performance time.


The board has also adopted protocols and policies for our volunteers.

Pentacle COVID Protocols for Performance 12.28.21

Pentacle COVID Testing Protocol 12.28.2021

Covid testing flow chart