The Pentacle Theatre Governing Board has three important priorities:
  • the physical health and safety of our patrons and volunteers
  • the financial health of the organization
  • compliance with all applicable health and workplace safety requirements
Naturally, the recent change in Polk County’s risk level from extreme to high has many of you excited to get right back into the theater space to perform. We get it! We really do.
We’re operating in an uncertain environment. As the governing board, we would like to be as confident as possible that an in-person production can go forward before committing resources. Counties can slide back into higher risk categories depending on changes in the transmission rate. Regulations also evolve as scientists learn more about the virus. The virus continues to mutate. All these factors indicate that caution and careful planning are critical to meeting our priorities of health and safety, financial stability and regulatory compliance.
For these reasons, live, in-person productions in the theater’s auditorium will not be feasible for some months.
The governing board has tasked two groups to focus on the short-term and the long-term possibilities during the coronavirus pandemic.
The What’s Next? Workgroup is shepherding ideas for Pentacle projects through a new proposal process; all approved projects will be virtual or committed to adhering to established protocols and state and local guidelines. Our recent Spelling Bee Reunion was one of these projects. We encourage members of our community who are interested in hosting a reading, offering a class, doing a cast reunion, organizing a Zoom show or leading any other kind of project to reach out to Heather Toller or any member of the What’s Next Workgroup for more information. They will guide you through how to submit a proposal and assist in connecting you to resources.
A second workgroup, the Reopening Workgroup, will identify the logistical aspects of returning to our stage, from enforcing compliance with COVID-19 protocols in rehearsals, to how to safely social distance patrons in the auditorium and how to manage ticket sales when the organization has a skeleton staff.
We remain eternally grateful to you—our donors, patrons and volunteers—for keeping Pentacle Theatre a thriving cultural treasure for 67 years.
~The Pentacle Theatre Governing Board