April 21, 2020

I keep hoping that I’ll be writing you, our dear Pentacle donors and patrons, with better news.

As Western governors unite in their planning for when the states will open for business, one thing has become very clear: there is no certainty about when theaters will be able to resume rehearsing and producing plays or musicals.

Governor Brown recently tweeted, “This is going to move much slower than any of us want, but that is the only way to protect the health and safety of Oregonians.”

The situation has required your Pentacle Theatre governing board to make some very difficult decisions. We’re reaching out to you, our donors and patrons, to share what actions we are taking to prevent the spread of the virus and comply with state and federal guidance. Those actions are:

  • Cancel She Kills Monsters.
  • Suspend the remainder of the 2020 season.
  • Postpone Rabbit Hole until 2021.
  • Postpone Company until 2021.
  • Suspension of our acting workshops until schools reopen.

As we’ve shared previously, the board postponed productions that have been cast and commenced rehearsals out of respect to the commitment of those volunteers. The decision to cancel She Kills Monsters reflects the great uncertainty about the theater’s financial position after the Stay Home, Save Lives restrictions are lifted.

For future productions, Pentacle will take direction from Governor Brown, the Oregon Health Authority and the Centers for Disease Control, as to when it is safe to resume rehearsing and gathering in large groups.

As you can imagine, theater people – like you – live to create, collaborate on, and experience live performances. Losing the opportunity to do the thing we love is painful. However, your health and safety are our highest priorities.

There is some good news: Pentacle was approved for a Payroll Protection Program loan to cover payroll costs, our office lease, mortgage interest and utilities for eight weeks. This will allow us to retain staff. Each one of us on staff is working hard on your behalf. We are completing projects that will ultimately improve your experience, make our operations more efficient and keep your facility in good condition. The funds will not replace all our lost revenue, but they do provide needed support.

We have been heartened by the many responses of support, including the generosity from many of you, who have expressed a desire to donate your purchased tickets. At the same time, we also recognize that some have been more negatively affected by the pandemic than others – financially, physically, and emotionally. Our hearts go out to you. We are sorry for your losses.

If you are able to donate your tickets, those donations will go toward supporting Pentacle’s operations. This will ensure that, when the time is right, your theater will be ready to entertain you or give you a place to perform or volunteer. We’re asking — before you request a refund — that you please consider the option of ticket donation first. 

If you have tickets to a performance of The Cake, Rabbit Hole, Company or She Kills Monsters that has been canceled, you have three options:

  • Donate your ticket(s) back to us; ticket donations are tax deductible and we will mail you a thank you and donation receipt. Your donation will offset the production costs that have already been incurred and will assist with providing future Pentacle productions. Thank you!
  • Keep your tickets and use them for a later performance in our 2020 season; we will mail you a voucher in the coming weeks.
  • Request a refund. We understand that times are difficult and are willing to process a refund for you.

Let us know your preference here.

Please consider a donation during this time. Your donation – as you can imagine – is needed now, more than ever.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

For more information:

The Centers for Disease Control & Prevention

The Oregon Health Authority

As I said earlier, I wish the news were better. We at Pentacle Theatre is in its 66th year, thanks to your support. We miss you — our biggest fans. We really can’t wait to see you again at the theater.

Please, stay well.


Lisa Joyce
Executive Director