Pentacle Theatre strives to be a place where everyone feels safe, welcome, and supported. That includes being an environment free of sexual harassment.

The important thing for casts and crews to know is that they have a right to volunteer in an environment free of:

  • unwelcome sexual advances
  • requests for sexual favors
  • any conduct of a sexual nature that interferes with your volunteer duties

At no time should you feel you are volunteering in an intimidating, hostile or offensive environment.

Harassment could possibly come from other volunteers, employees and Pentacle vendors and patrons. It doesn’t matter who does it, you do not have to tolerate it.

Prohibited at Pentacle[1]:

  • The offer of a role in exchange for a sexual favor (and vice versa)
  • Unwelcome flirting, either in person or via social media, texts or email
  • Touching a person in a flirtatious or sexual way without permission of that person
  • Making comments about a fellow volunteer’s body, sexuality or gender identity
  • Making sexually suggestive gestures lewd jokes or otherwise sexualizing the volunteer environment
  • Sharing pornographic or sexually explicit materials with fellow cast and crew

Some things you can do if you are subject to harassment:

  • Report it.
  • Tell the harasser to stop.
  • Walk away from the harasser.

If you witness harassing behavior:

  • Report it.
  • Do something to disrupt the behavior.
  • Follow up with the victim with support and validation.

Reporting harassment

Pentacle Theatre encourages people who have been harassed – or who have witnessed harassing behavior – to report the problem to a trusted leader in the organization. There will be no retaliation for making a report. You can make a report with one of the following people:

  • your director
  • your board liaison
  • another member of the board
  • Pentacle’s Board President, Emma Thurston, at 503-485-4300 or 503-409-3971

We recognize that it may be uncomfortable to make a report, but that is critical to stopping harassment. Pentacle Theatre’s board and staff are committed to handling your report discreetly and effectively.

Thank you for being at the heart of what makes Pentacle Theatre great—our community.

[1] This list is not inclusive of every possible form of harassment but is a tool to help volunteers understand what constitutes harassment.

Adopted by the Pentacle Theatre Board, March 5, 2018