We have a cast!
Thank you so much to the nearly 100 people who took a risk and put themselves out there! We hope you’ll come back and audition again!
Congratulations to the cast of Pentacle Theatre’s Beauty and the Beast:
Babette: Rachel Ost
Beast: Matt Woolsey
Belle: Debbie May Hill
Chip: Bode Rosendahl
Cogsworth: Patrick Moser
Gaston: Chris Owens
LeFou: Nicholas D.G. Hikes
Lumiere: Brian Schneider
Madame DelaGrand Bouche: Janeen Hilbrink
Maurice: Bill Brown
Mrs. Potts: Kirsten Manning
Silly Girl: Holly Beaman
Silly Girl: Sierra Reynolds
Silly Girl: Sheila Troncoso
Young Prince Taylor Husk
Charlie Beaman, Ella Beaman, Elli Bertholf, Sam Bertholf, Joshua Bogart, Abby Brockcamp, Jordan Campbell, Amanda Cartwright, Emma Colachio, Anita Davis, Maisy Fisher, Miles Fisher, Jordan Griffiths, Paige Hannah, Molly Hare, Ray Henricks-Key, Hannah Hiers, Hillary Hoover, Carson Hunsaker, Beverly Icalia, Kimberly Jones, Lauren Liu, Sophia Michaux, Jordan Overturf, Tanner Purkey, Gillian Rodriguez-Lentz, Matt Savino, James Schmidt, Cabeau Schuerger, Cadence Schuerger, Zoe Spitzer, Ellie Stuart, Lydia Stuart, Matt Voisine, Marah Walsh, Mike Walsh, John Watts, Sam Welborn, Caitlyn Wise, Clara Woolsey, Nancy Woolsey