Pentacle Theatre will cast four talented, fearless, creative actors for the summer production of Edward Albee’s Tony Award-winning drama, Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf? This is a rare opportunity to appear in Albee’s classic American masterpiece.

During a late night of post-party “Fun and Games” with burnt out college professor George and his sharp-tongued wife, Martha, we meet the newest young faculty member, Nick, and his tipsy wife, Honey. What starts out as nightcaps and scholarly small talk quickly turns into a contest of words, wits and wills between George and Martha that catches Nick and Honey in the crossfire. Deep secrets are revealed as both couples careen toward the truth about themselves, one another and their relationships.


George — Late-40s, thin, erudite, bookish. A burnt-out history professor who will never be dean. Not a failure, just passed over.

Martha — Early-50s, brassy, blousy, sensuous, always commands the center. A bored hostess who creates her own entertainment.

Nick — Early-30s, smart, ambitious, a handsome charmer. A former boxer fighting his way to the top of academe.

Honey — Mid-late 20s, sweet, naïve; a girl from a good family.



Saturday, April 8, 2:30 p.m.

Pentacle Theatre Lobby

324 52nd Avenue NW

Salem, OR 97304

Actors will read from the script.

CONTACT:               Ed Schoaps, Director, 503-881-7494.

SHOW RUNS:         July 7–29, 2017. Evening rehearsals Monday-Thursday start in mid-April. Please list all conflicts through July 29 on the audition form.