Mary Poppins
Frequent audience questions

If a show is sold out, is that it? Am I out of luck?
Not necessarily. Every performance has no shows. You can get on the waiting list. It is no guarantee of a seat. It takes a little patience and a little luck. Most of the time we are able to seat everyone.

If you want to try to get in to a sold-out performance of Mary Poppins you can get on the waiting list when the box office at the Central High School opens. It opens 60 minutes before each show.

Can I bring tickets from Saturday evening to the Saturday matinee and get on the wait list for that matinee?
Yes. You will be added to the waitlist according to when you arrived at the theater and spoke to the House Manager your name on the list. You will not get higher or special placement on the wait list.

Does the wait list roll over from the matinee to the evening performance on Saturday, or does it start over again from scratch?
Each performance generates a wait list from scratch. Wait lists do not roll over.

When will the doors open?
Doors to the auditorium will open 45 minutes prior to curtain.

Will the Will Call lines be long?
Yes. They will be much longer for the evening performances than the matinees. If you have your tickets at will call and want better seating choices, plan to arrive an hour before curtain.

I lost my tickets, so will new ones be reprinted and held at Will Call?
If you lost or forgot your tickets, you will need to speak to the House Manager. Once we have confirmed that you had purchased a ticket, and you show proper identification, we will give you a replacement ticket that will get you into the auditorium.

What if I use a walker, wheelchair or crutches?
Please notify the House Manager of your needs. A member of the hospitality team will help you find a seat. The house will not be open for early seating.

Can my child sit on my lap?
All audience members over the age of two must have a ticketed seat. Lap sitting is allowed for patrons age two or younger.

Can one family member go inside the auditorium when it opens and reserve seats by placing coats on them while waiting for the rest of their party to arrive?
Yes. The members of the cast and crew are not permitted to reserve seats for their friends and family, however.

What are the policies for Oregon Trail cardholders?
There are no discounts for this production. It is a fundraiser. All seats are $20 for 18 and older, and $15 for 17 and younger.

Will I be reseated if I leave the theater during the performance?
If you leave the auditorium during the performance, you will not be reseated until intermission.

Is this a sing-along?
No. Please refrain from singing with the performers so that other audience members can hear the cast’s beautiful voices.

If I miss a performance, can I bring unused tickets to a later performance and exchange them?
Yes. You will be added to the waitlist. You will not get higher or special placement on the wait list. See the FAQs about the wait list for how that works.

Will there be a concession stand at Central High School?
Yes, but no alcohol will be served.