Marry Poppins approvedThank you to everyone who came out for our auditions! Auditioning is scary stuff, and we are so grateful to the many people who put themselves out there for our fundraiser show. The success of our fundraiser supports good community theater throughout the year.

Ensemble: Amy Amato, Annie Appleton, Kim Beranek, Shayn Carmichael, Ella Dieker, Alexandra Easton, Abby Fedor, Molly Hare, Zoey Hock, Mizzy Jefferson, Nelly Ana Jefferson, Cannen Johnson, Eli Kercher, Liliana Kercher, James Kohn, Lylia Nardin, Bode Rosendahl, Emmalee Rae, Arella Rodriquez-Lentz, Gillian Rodriquez-Lentz, Dalacey Traeger, Peter Urban, Soren Urban, Marah Walsh, Claire Warncke.