Pentacle Theatre has only a few paid employees, and they would be the first to tell you how critical volunteers are to our theater’s success.

On Oct. 3, the board and staff recognized the contributions of four volunteers for their efforts in support of great community theater.

David Ballantyne, Volunteer of the Year
Each year, Pentacle Theatre honors a volunteer whose contributions truly rise above. David’s service to Pentacle Theatre includes serving on the Governing Board, acting in many productions (including stepping in when a cast member was unable to complete a run), chairing the fundraising committee and managing our social media activity — a critical aspect of our marketing activities. Next year, he will direct Of Mice and Men.

Rachel Duncan, President’s award
Each performance at Pentacle Theatre, we offer two free dress rehearsals, one for people with disabilities and the other for students. Rachel coordinates all of these activities, developing study guides, coordinating volunteer ushers and providing top quality hospitality to these important audiences. She makes it possible for us to achieve a critical strategic goal: serving as a cultural resource for the mid-valley.

Josh Davenport and Frank Graney, Technical Director’s award
This season has presented some exciting opportunities in the technical arts side of work at Pentacle Theatre. Josh and Frank have provided hours and hours of work and support to help our shows look beautiful. Two shows presented some unique challenges — Young Frankenstein needed a bed that rises into the sky and multiple electronic effects and Chicago just wouldn’t have been the same without chase lights to give it is iconic look. These are just examples of Josh and Frank’s contributions.

Geri Greeno Sanders, Executive Director’s award
Some jobs are more behind-the-scenes than others. You will remember Geri’s performances in Young Frankenstein and Chicago this year, but you may not know that performing is just a part of her contribution. She chairs the Play Reading Committee, a labor-intensive and critical committee that helps the board decide what our audiences will see on Pentacle Theatre’s stage. They read many scripts, argue and debate their merits and develop a recommendations for the board to consider as we build our season.