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From donating dollars directly to sharing your skills in a production or on a committee, Pentacle Theatre thrives thanks to the efforts of our community.



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Seat Plaques

 Pentacle Theatre's 70th Anniversary Seat Fundraiser

Upgrade an existing seat plaque

For $100 ($93 donation) you can add this stunning icon to your seat plaque! Add an additional salutation such as "Lifetime Member, Volunteer of the Year, In memory of..., Director, Actor, Volunteer, {any approved text}"

Commemorate your family, a loved one, or a friend

A limited number of open seat plaques are still available. Call (503) 485-4300 for available plaque or seat locations. Join this fundraiser to help us get our beloved theater out of the RED!

Interested? Stop by our Box Office to place your order!

197 Liberty St. SE
Salem, OR 97301
(503) 485-4300

A scene on the set
A light on the stage in the dark with theatre seats behind them
3 people practicing their performance behind the scenes
A person looking up, smiling, in a performance