2020 Season Productions

The Cake

Feb. 28 to March 21

Written By: Bekah Brunstetter | Directed By: Jennifer Gimzewski 

Della is a small-town baker with a big passion for cakes and the Bible. Her husband Tim makes all of the decisions, and she’s perfectly fine with that. One day, Jenny—the girl Della practically raised as her own—comes back to town and asks Della to bake a cake for her wedding. Della is delighted until she meets Jenny’s fiancée Macy. Della’s faith and love for the Bible are challenged, as she must make one of the hardest decisions of her life.

This show explores the characters’ sense of what is right and wrong, and proves that people can change.

Suitability: This show is suitable for mature audiences who can handle its themes, explicit language, sexual references and implied nudity

The Family of Alice Mary Norton

Rabbit Hole

April 10 to May 2

Written By: David Linsday-Abaire | Directed By: Jo Dodge
Becca, her husband Howie and their son Danny have a happy life until unspeakable loss strikes their family. After tragedy strikes, Becca and Howie face a grief that threatens to tear them apart. With the help of each other and family, they relearn how to move forward in their new lives.

Winner of the 2007 Pulitzer Prize, this drama explores grief, family, forgiveness and love.

Suitability: This show is suitable for teens and adults who can handle its themes and explicit language

Sponsored by The Paul C. and Robin E. Bower Family Trust


May 22 to June 13

Music and Lyrics By: Stephen Sondheim | Book By: George Furth | Directed By: Chris Fletcher

Robert, aka Bobby, is a bona fide bachelor celebrating his 35th birthday with his friends—all of whom are either married or in a committed relationship. The story focuses on Bobby’s struggle with commitment, while taking you on a trip through Bobby’s past lovers and major milestones.

Don’t miss this seven-time Tony award winning show, which The Guardian calls “one of the great grown-up musicals.”

Suitability: This show is suitable for mature audiences that can handle its explicit language and sexual references

Sponsored by the Compton Family Foundation

She Kills Monsters: Young Adventurers Edition

July 24 to Aug. 15

Written By: Qui Nguyen | Directed By: MaryKate Lindbeck 
Set in 1995, Agnes Evans suffers from a bad case of being average and is the exact opposite of her nerdy younger sister Tilly. After Agnes suffers a devastating tragedy, she finds Tilly’s Dungeons & Dragons campaign book—and finds herself thrown into an action-packed and unexpected journey. This dramatic comedy laden with homicidal fairies, nasty ogres, and 90s pop culture offers a heart-pounding homage to the geek and warrior within us all.

Suitability: This show is suitable for teens and adults that can handle its explicit language, crude humor, demons, fantastical fight scenes and exploration of death and grief

Sponsored by Eric Paetsch

The Fantasticks

Sept. 4 to 26

Music By: Harvey Schmidt | Book and Lyrics By: Tom Jones | Directed By: Deborah Johansen

This musical comedy has star-crossed lovers, meddling fathers and—of course—a charismatic narrator known as El Gallo. El Gallo takes us on a story transitioning from the romantic moonlight into the realities of the harsh light of day. Known for being the longest running musical in the world, The Fantasticks has romance, heartbreak, an abduction, a long-standing feud and laughs galore.

Suitability: This show is suitable for audiences that can handle adult humor

Sponsored by Duchess and the Munchkin


Oct. 16 to Nov. 7

Written By: David Lindsay-Abaire | Directed By: Karen McCarty

Abby, a cantankerous and private woman, lives at the Bristol Place Senior Living Facility. Unable to afford a private room, she has successfully chased away all previous roommates. Her new roommate Marilyn is a perky and optimistic woman who has fallen in love with the view and has no intentions of leaving. They make a bet that becomes a fierce and entertaining contest of wills. Hilarity ensues as each woman plays prank after prank trying  to win.

Suitability: This show is suitable for audiences that can handle its dark humor and explicit language

Sponsored by Rich Ford, Windermere Real Estate

Shrek The Musical

Nov. 27 to Dec. 19

Music By: Jeanine Tesori | Book and Lyrics By: David Lindsay-Abaire | Directed By: Robert Salberg 

Based on the DreamWorks animated movie, Shrek the Musical follows Shrek the Ogre on his journey to evict unwanted fairytale creatures from his swamp. On this quest, he meets the annoyingly chatty Donkey. Once he meets the man who dumped fairytale creatures on his land, Shrek is forced to rescue a princess locked in a tower protected by a dragon. Shrek and Donkey set out on a hilarious fun-filled adventure with a not-your-typical-fairytale ending.

Suitability: This show is suitable for audiences of all ages who don’t mid a bit of crude humor

Sponsored by Erik and Laura Davis