Describe how you will represent the theater.

I will first take steps to familiarize myself with financial health of years past and learn from those with more experience in this organization. Once I better understand the actions and consequences the board has dealt with over the years I commit to timely and informed collaboration. Financial decisions have many variables. With a board of this size I hope I can receive guidance so I can provide specialized insight wherever I am best suited. I will do my best to represent the theater in a manner reflecting organizational rather than individual goals.


What volunteer work have you done for Pentacle Theatre?

My volunteer work spans acting, assistant directing, stage managing and set construction.


What is your day job? What is your level of responsibility at this job? What other relevant experience or education will you bring to board service.

I currently balance a few different jobs. I am self-employed tree trimmer, partner in a contracting company and member of a Portland theater company. Balancing all three of these require a gamut of responsibilities. Working for myself comes with the responsibility of constant self-education and honing of a breadth of skills to keep a business running. I also have to stay vigilant while performing dangerous manual labor. Working with a small theater company involves constant collaboration. Relevant education includes a bachelors in philosophy and political science and 6 years as a policy analyst for Oregon state government; this work demanded consistent data analysis to inform budget decisions on a large scale.


Please describe the skills and core competencies that you will bring to the board.

I am able to work with large data sets (both survey and fiscal data) and communicate complicated findings with broad audiences. I am also confident in my abilities to collaborate with diverse groups to reach common goals.


What do you like most about Pentacle Theatre?

In my years working on Pentacle shows I’ve noticed something consistent and inspiring. The positive spirit of theater always finds its way into each facet of a production. Something about this community inspires confidence and creativity in its actors, directors and tech. Imbuing confidence in new, local actors ensures success in each production.


Tell members why you want to be a member of the Pentacle Theatre Governing Board.

Theaters of all sizes have had to adapt to unprecedented changes these past few years. I’d like to work with the board to understand and adapt to these changing demands.


Please describe your goals for your three-year term, if elected.

My main goal if elected would be to foster greater participation from the community in all aspects of Pentacle. Increasing the number and diversity of people who audition would be a main priority.


Pentacle Theatre is on a Diversity, Equity and Inclusion journey. Please describe your commitment to this kind of work and why it is important in an arts organization.

I was involved with the data side of DEI goals when working for the state. This was a helpful start, but in an arts organization this work shifts from analysis to practice. Communicating a commitment to DEI is one thing, executing it is another. I’d like to see Pentacles DEI ‘journey’ through to sustainable and demonstrable outcomes. Moving from a commitment to educating individuals in an organization to actionable and successful goals affecting our volunteers and audiences.