Pentacle Theatre is powered by volunteers.

The Governing Board has adopted policies and guidelines to make the volunteer experience a safe and positive experience. Following these expectations protects you, your fellow volunteers and our theater.

NEW! Code of Conduct – A set of principles that describe behaviors expected of Pentacle Theatre Volunteers. Adopted by the Pentacle Theatre Governing Board on June 24, 2019.

Casting Best Practices – addresses concerns about casting family members and members of your production team

Drug and Alcohol Policy

Minors at Pentacle – guidelines for parents, directors and volunteer minors

Minors at Pentacle Permission Slip

Sexual harassment statement – the Pentacle Theatre board’s commitment to preventing and addressing sexual harassment

Anti-Harassment Policy – addresses bullying, intimidation and other unacceptable and unlawful behaviors from volunteers and staff. Revised June 24, 2019.