Dec. 27, 2019

To: The Pentacle Theatre Community

From: Pentacle’s 2019 Governing Board and Executive Director

Re: Our North Star initiative

Early this year, our governing board and executive director sat together to discuss how to respond to our volunteers’ evolving needs and expectations. We celebrated the fact that Pentacle provides a collaborative opportunity to create and experience theater in an atmosphere of respect, support and enjoyment.We also saw that Pentacle Theatre needs a more effective structure to communicate and reinforce that mission throughout the organization.

We found it right in front of us: our North Star.

Why the North Star?

Pentacle Theatre has been represented by a star since its beginning. Your board has adopted the shorthand—the North Star initiative—to describe this work because it is a powerful and universal symbol.

When we find our North Star, we know where we’re headed. If we get lost, it points us in the right direction. When we all aim toward our North Star, we have a stronger sense of community and greater creative opportunities. We can take more risks because our North Star will always be a beacon.

The North Star is a set of shared expectations and principles that guide us in all we do as a theater community.


Pentacle Theatre has a strong history of evolving and growing in response to a changing environment. In 2017, we adopted our Casting Best Practices to address concerns regarding nepotism and other perceived conflicts of interest. Last year, we issued a statement about sexual harassment and created a pathway to respond to and report instances of all kinds of harassment at Pentacle Theatre. A new Code of Conduct describes the behaviors that keep our community strong. The North Star initiative seeks to increase consistency and give us tools to hold each other accountable.

What can you expect?

Our North Star initiative will clarify roles and responsibilities of the board, staff and volunteers. You can expect to see this in our Directors’ Handbook, in how we address differences of opinion at Pentacle, the composition of the Governing Board and in expectations for volunteer behavior. Of course, in the spirit of the North Star initiative, you will be an important part of these conversations.


Please feel free to contact any member of the Governing Board or Lisa Joyce, our executive director.

Qualities of the North Star

accountable, appreciative, celebratory, consistent, empowering, engaging, forgiving, helpful, honest, inclusive, mindful, reliable, safe, supportive, transparent, welcoming