What steps will you take to ensure the financial health of Pentacle Theatre?

I would work with other Board members to review existing obligations as well as proposed expenditures through the information provided.  In addition, I would work with others to research and create ideas to further promote the financial health of the theatre.


Describe how you will represent the theater.

As a live theatre enthusiast I will represent Pentacle Theatre in a professional, transparent and welcoming way, encouraging anyone to explore  participation in areas of their choosing.


What volunteer work have you done for Pentacle Theatre?

I have served as a volunteer on many committees for Pentacle Theatre as both a leader and a member including; Board membership, Director’s Forum, Script Reading, Costume, Education, Theatre Anniversary, directing, acting, crew positions and special projects.


What is your day job? What is your level of responsibility at this job? What other relevant experience or education will you bring to board service.

I am the retired Drama Director for McKay High School. In that position I was responsible for the production of a musical and at least one school play, a special project and class play per year while operating within a pre-established budget.  I earned an MFA in Theatre from Purdue University. While there I gained the experience of working as the production associate for Purdue University’s Black Student Union, performing arts groups. I also have experience working for a theatrical production company which focused on emerging professional artists.  In addition, I bring ten years of experience as a small business owner. Currently I work as a private trustee for family and special needs trusts.


Please describe the skills and core competencies that you will bring to the board.

I bring a deep understanding of production needs and requirements. I have a strong understanding of artistic decisions and their budget implications, as well as an inclination towards solutions supported by data.


What do you like most about Pentacle Theatre?

Pentacle is a place for emerging and life-long learners.  There are many ways open to participation in our theatre.  This is a place where you can learn on the job and explore different interests.


Tell members why you want to be a member of the Pentacle Theatre Governing Board.

As a Board member I will be able to directly support and/or lend a hand with Pentacle Theatre’s continuing re-emergence back into the Salem community post-pandemic. I will also be able to assist and support processes and initiatives for increased financial stability. I also want to help promote increased volunteer and membership engagement in the organization.


Please describe your goals for your three-year term, if elected.

My goals are the reasons I want to be a Board member. Therefore, if elected, my goals include support of Pentacle’s re-emergence into the post-pandemic Salem community, assist and support processes and initiatives for increased financial stability, and  promote increased volunteer and membership engagement in the organization.


Pentacle Theatre is on a Diversity, Equity and Inclusion journey. Please describe your commitment to this kind of work and why it is important in an arts organization.

As a committed life-long learner, reflection and examination are key elements of that process. Arts organizations and particularly a theaters’ product deal directly with the journey of what it means to be human.