Clyde Berry

Under Oregon law, a nonprofit board member’s first obligation is to protect and strengthen the financial health of the organization. What steps will you take to ensure the financial health of Pentacle Theatre?

Participating in the development and oversight of Pentacle’s financial planning is critical to sustaining the health of the theater. My education and past work experience in financial management positions provides me with the skills helpful to the Board’s planning and decision making for Pentacle’s future. Carefully managing expenditures and exploring new avenues of revenue is integral to this endeavor and Pentacle’s continued livelihood.

Describe how you will represent the theater.

Any Board Member is an ambassador for the brand of the group they represent. As a creator myself, I understand the logistics of both onstage, backstage, and in a production capacity. It is my job as a Board Member to present Pentacle as the best opportunity for theatre in the area, and attract the best talent and opportunities to the Pentacle family. I anticipate with my background I will be supporting Educational, EDI, and Community Outreach efforts. It is through these programs that I can support Pentacle’s continued growth.

What volunteer work have you done for Pentacle Theatre?

I have performed in several productions (Spamalot, Cabaret, Mothers and Sons, Almost Maine, Mousetrap, 1984 (voice) and assistant directed Yellow. I have participated in EDI work and was asked to represent Pentacle at the statewide Oregon Community Theatre EDI Roundtable. In many instances, I try to network by bringing new groups to student events or share resources for productions.

What is your day job? What is your level of responsibility at this job? What other relevant experience or education will you bring to board service.

I am currently employed by the Oregon Employment Department, which is a standard 9-5 position. At this time, I would be able to have Pentacle be my main focus outside of work. I have three college degrees, one of them an advanced degree in Theatre. I have founded my own theatre company and secured its 501c3 status, as well as served on the boards of three different theatres in two other states. For ten years I worked as a theatre critic for Equity, touring, and community productions and earned a reputation for being direct, but fair and supportive. For three seasons I was the Director of Education for Fort Worth Opera, and for six seasons I was the resident Stage Manager for the Seagle Music Colony (now Seagle Music Festival). For one year I served on the Board of Directors of The Column Awards, the largest donor to Broadway Cares Equity Fights AIDS outside of New York. For Opera America, I spent one year as their Chair of the Education Network. A popular speaker, I have served as a judge, adjudicator, speaker, or panelist at: The Baccus and Gamma Conference, The Virginia Theatre Association, The Virginia High School League, University Scholastic League, National Performing Arts Convention, Opera America National and Regional Conferences. I have designed, performed in, or produced over 300 productions professionally, educationally, and communally.

Please describe the skills and core competencies that you will bring to the board.

I bring a 25+ year track record of working in nonprofits and advocacy. Having worked on the regional, state, and federal level, I am no stranger to navigating administrative policy to reach a productive end. As someone who values collaboration, I am familiar with how to reach out to communities for growth and expansion. A special passion of mine is EDI work, and I endeavor to be mindful of the latest studies. With 25 years of international teaching, both collegiate and secondary, I am able to navigate educational institutions and seek out projects that benefit both groups.

What do you like most about Pentacle Theatre?

Pentacle was the first theatre that I performed in in Oregon, when I moved here in 2015. I fell in love with the space, the people, and the grounds. Since then Pentacle has been there for me for 8 shows, and has provided amazing opportunities to my students at two different schools. The Pentacle spirit of support is strong, and I am grateful for everything that Pentacle has allowed me to do in my brief time here. It would be a joy to give back to the theatre, by continuing these efforts for others and using what I have learned over the course of my career to help the theatre to grow and expand after the Pandemic.

Tell members why you want to be a member of the Pentacle Theatre Governing Board.

I believe I have a unique perspective from my work history, training, and advocacy that will allow me to bring a fresh and unbiased set of eyes to the Board. Having worked at Pentacle for several productions, I have an understanding of the Pentacle philosophy. The marriage of these two factors would allow for expansion of the best practices and rejuvenation of less efficient modalities. It will be a pleasure to serve and to give back to a theatre that has quickly become my Oregon theatre base.

Please describe your goals for your three-year term, if elected.

I would like to remove barriers to efficiency and access, so that the Pentacle spirit can continue to expand. It would be very helpful to mobilize the Pentacle Membership to better empower the artistic experience and expression of veteran and new talent. I feel Pentacle can grow to be more inclusive of the full Salem populace, specifically younger audiences and the LatinX community. In short, I want to do what we do well – better, and find better ways to do what we want.

Pentacle Theatre is in the middle of a Diversity, Equity and Inclusion initiative. Please describe your commitment to this kind of work and why it is important in an arts organization.

Pentacle must represent the full Salem community both onstage and backstage. I am a big believer in EDI work and have participated in such programs and policies by putting them into practice in my classrooms for the past 20 years. Being more inclusive will only allow Pentacle to grow more, by reaching more of the very people we intend to serve.