What steps will you take to ensure the financial health of Pentacle Theatre?

I believe it important to have consistent review of reporting and spending along with a dedicated focus on potential development and creating additional revenue streams.


Describe how you will represent the theater.

I will be present and available for our community through volunteering and individual action.


What volunteer work have you done for Pentacle Theatre?

I have volunteered as a member of the facilities committee and have been an actor in six Pentacle productions. I have also been a long-term member and patron of Pentacle.


What is your day job? What is your level of responsibility at this job? What other relevant experience or education will you bring to board service.

I am the Director of Mathematics for Smarter Balanced. I develop, design, and oversee a mathematics assessment delivered to millions of students each year. Beyond math content development I lead and facilitate committees comprised of state Department of Education staff and partner organizations.


Please describe the skills and core competencies that you will bring to the board.

As a Mathematics Educator I have developed many skills that enable me to think critically and understand the needs of others. I am a good listener and I ask the right questions to gain clarity and understanding.


What do you like most about Pentacle Theatre?

I love the inclusivity of Pentacle. There is a wide spectrum of opportunity for people to become part of a community. Anyone can volunteer in a broad range of capacities from hospitality to work crews, back stage work, or acting and directing. It is the sense of community that I love about Pentacle. Just giving people a place to belong and be something greater than themselves.


Tell members why you want to be a member of the Pentacle Theatre Governing Board.

I would like to serve an organization that I love and care about.


Please describe your goals for your three-year term, if elected.

My goals for Pentacle is to be fiscally responsible, improve ticket sales, and guarantee the health and success of Pentacle for the next 69 years.


Pentacle Theatre is on a Diversity, Equity and Inclusion journey. Please describe your commitment to this kind of work and why it is important in an arts organization.

Accessibility, diversity, equity and inclusion is a lens that I view the world through. It is a personal goal of mine to work towards a world that removes barriers and provides universal access to the world that has historically only been available to those with privilege.