Our Strategic Plan

Our Vision:

In our continuing quest for excellence, Pentacle Theatre seeks to be a significant cultural resource for the Salem area that provides volunteers the opportunity of personal growth and achievement in an atmosphere of mutual respect, support and enjoyment.

Our Plan:

The 2014 board has developed a three-year plan to bring us closer to our vision. The plan’s three components—community connections, infrastructure and production value—build on our strengths and addresses areas where we can improve.

We look forward to sharing our progress with you along the way.

Where we’re going How we will get there
The Pentacle Theatre will be a significant cultural resource in our community.
  • Increase focus on development through the recruitment and hiring of a development director.
  • Gather information through surveying our community and evaluating the results.
  • Increase engagement with the theater, arts and educational communities.
The Pentacle Theatre will have the infrastructure to improve sustainability and preparedness for current and future activities and opportunities. 
  • Create succession and contingency plans for key positions.
  • Develop a “Best Practices” plan for the governance of the theater.
  • Evaluate short- and long-term financial structure.
  • Enhance process for the recruitment and retention of volunteers.
The Pentacle Theatre will ensure artistic integrity with quality productions and collaborative sharing of knowledge.
  • Solidify production elements and develop production assessment process.
  • Develop desired director attributes for selection.
  • Increase director accountability through training and support.